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The Word On Options Contracts, AMD Shares...

The headline: Big Money Flows Ahead of Options Expirations On Friday.

The word: Morgan Stanley Head of Program Trading Mike McCarty joins the guys for this conversation. He reveals that expirations are always a big event in the marketplace and he’s seeing a jump in downside protection because investors are cautious.

Word on the Street

He is also seeing increased flows into Financials, Health Care and Energy and out of the Consumer Discretionary sector.

The headline: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Shows Big Loss But Strikes Financing Deal

The word: Jeff Macke says AMD shares moved higher after hours, because they said the magic words, “private equity”.

Eric Bolling adds when you see an instrument that has bad news and good action it could be a buy signal.

Pete Najarian thinks AMD is dead and says investors should stay away.

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On APR 19, 2007, the following stocks and commodities mentioned or intended to be mentioned on CNBC’s Fast Money were owned by the Fast Money traders  Macke Owns (SWY) Najarian Owns (AXP), (HNZ), (MON), (MOT), (NDAQ), (XLF), (MPEL) Bolling Owns (NMX), (MPEL), Gold, Silver, Natural Gas Corn; Bolling Is Short Soybeans