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No. 3 - Is Gray Lady On Deathbed?

Prepare for fireworks on Tuesday during The New York Times annual shareholder meeting. It’s widely believed investors will try to pry control from the owners at that time. Meanwhile other papers are also making news. Tribune recently announced layoffs and Rupert Murdoch is doubling the price of the New York Post. So, where’s the fast money?

CNBC Media Reporter Julia Boorstin joins the conversation from Los Angeles.

The Top Three #3

Julia says The New York Times (NYT) is in transition but not dying. Print ads are in serious decline, but their internet ad sales averages are up 22%.

Eric Bolling says content over the internet is where it’s at.

Tim Strazzini says The New York Times’ growth on the internet is not strong enough -- or coming fast enough -- to offset weakness in print revenue.

Julia adds should Google (GOOG) have to pay for carrying New York Times news stories, the story could change.

Jeff Macke says these guys are not making strides forward – they’re lurching in place.

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