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Weekly Winner #7: It's Vitaliy Khizder


Hey folks, we have a winner--for week #7. He's Vitaliy Khizder of South Euclid, Ohio. Vitaliy is a software engineer and he invests for personal, not professional reasons. Vitaliy's contest strategy: "I'm a pretty conservative investor, so I just did the opposite of what I normally do. I was looking for aggressive plays, worrying much less about downside and more about the upside. It was all about playing the odds the best way I can; and at the end of the day, as Jim Cramer says, it's better to be lucky than good."

And Vitaliy will be removed from the current leaderboard, as he qualifies for the finals.

CHB was the one stock Vitaliy picked that surprised him. His favorite sport is ping pong and his favorite TV shows are "Mad Money," (no surprise here, with the quote above) "Law & Order,"  "Seinfeld" and "Friends." Congratulations Vitaliy!!!

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