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Your Questions About Summer Retail, Unilever....

Question #1: Syama from New York asks which retailer might benefit from the spike in good weather heading into summer?

Jeff Macke says Dick Sporting Goods (DKS) because change of seasons means change of sports for the kids. He says DKS is a good name for the Summer or any season.

Question #2: Swati from California asks, with the dollar so weak, should he be selling European multi-nationals such as Unilever (UL)?

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Guy Adami says UL will see 4% sales growth in 2007, which he feels isn't bad for a big stodgy consumer company. He adds the stock is up 22% since March – so Guy recommends Swati buy on a dip.

Question #3: Tom from Illinois says he’s been trading the pure play refiners over the past few years and is stuck on Valero's (VLO) low valuation. He explains that VLO trades at a 20-40% discount as compared to other refiners such as of Tesoro (TSO), Western Oil (WTO), Holly Corp. (HOC) , and Alon (ALJ) . He wants to know if this simply the market saying Valero's growth days are over – and if this a good time to sell puts rather than buy the stock?

Eric Bolling says VLO, TSO and Chevron (CVX) are all cheap stocks. Their PE ratios are under 10 across the board. He recommends continuing to own these stocks

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