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No. 3 - Come Sail Away


The shipping industry is enjoying a boom the likes of which it hasn't seen since spices were discovered in Asia. While that may be an exaggeration. the ethanol and energy bull markets have sparked a huge surge in shipping demand. How can investors navigate their way to fast money?

Dylan Ratigan explains the shipping space can be divided into three areas. Dry goods, oil and consumer goods

Dry Goods:
Eric Bolling says DryShips (DRYS), Geneco Shipping and Trading (GNK), Excel Maritime Carriers (EXM), Diana Shipping (DSX), Alexander & Baldwin (ALEX) and Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE) are the major companies in this space.

The Top Three #3

He adds that ALEX and DRYS are his picks because they’re two great companies “hitting on all cylinders.”

Tim Strazzini says Quintana Maritime (QMAR) is his pick because it’s performing very well.

Consumer Goods:
Jeff Macke says Horizon Lines (HRZ), Danaos Corp. (DAC), Season Crop (SSW) and Aries Maritime Transport (RAMS) are the major companies in this space.

Jeff adds SSW is his favorite name in the space.

Eric says Teekay Shipping (TK), Frontline (FRO), Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG), OMI Corp. (OMM), and General Maritime (GMR) are the major companies in this space.

He calls these names the worst of the batch because there’s so much volatility in oil transport. He adds if investors are interested in this space, remember that the younger the fleet  - the more valuable the company.

Guy Adami adds Ship Finance (SFL) has upgraded its fleet. He adds it’s his pick, but only on a dip.

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Trader disclosure:
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Strazzini Owns (JBLU), (SNDK), (T)
Bolling Owns (XOM), Gold, Silver, Corn, Natural Gas, Is Short Soybeans