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"Old Name" Is New Again On Leaderboard

Good morning all. An "old name" is back on top. Shi Nisman once again assumes first place with a total portfolio of $4,150,567.31 up $305,391.72 from Thursday's total. Shi gained $302,391.72 on the sale of Waste Management Inc. which was up 7.86% Friday and added another $3,000 in bonus bucks.

Shi is now all-in with Regal Beloit Corp. at $46.86, betting on a strong earnings report Monday before the bell. RBC's performance will make or break Shi's lead--as only $98K separates him from second place holder Serge Amelyan, who is all in cash.

Serge holds the #2 spot with a portfolio value of $4,053,029.62 which is up only the $3,000 that he added in Bonus Bucks. As we said, Serge remains all in cash--with a comfortable lead over Steven Lee of almost $1M--and who is also all in cash.

Contest registrations to date: 1,438,436.

Name                         Portfolio Value
1. Shi Nisman                 $4,150,567.31
2. Serge Amelyan             4,053,029.62
3. Steven Lee                  3,25,3047.50
4. Joe Dondero                 3,252,830.94
5. Raymond Teon              3,198,665.66
6. Michael Hart                 3,190,666.68
7. Stephen Luchko            3,114,335.43
8. David Gibbons               3,106,141.88
9. Mary Williams                3,082,686.20
10. Edward Wendol            3,081,642.29
11. Sunil Walia                  3,045,150.20
12. Parker Robinson           3,010,170.61
13. Brian Gannon               2,963,506.49 
14. Urszula Mikrut              2,926,263.85
15. Jeff Myers                   2,911,251.20
16. Deborah Taft               2,908,376.84
17. Roger Dennis               2,901,012.26
18. Brian Forse                  2,898,669.54
19. Takako Friend              2,877,123.96
20. Mark Walker                2,866,513.25

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