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Stock Picks For Draft Picks

He's 6’ 6” and can throw the ball nearly the length of a football field. But is JaMarcus Russell positioned to benefit from a falling dollar?

During the NFL draft this weekend, the Louisiana State University quarterback was the number one pick by the Oakland Raiders, who reportedly will pay him $60 million dollars.

Thus begins a well documented issue - how can athletes with little financial experience manage their new millions amid their fast lifestyle?

Football & Finance

One hard-hitting superstar is trying to turn running backs into brokers: 4-year Jets linebacker Jon Vilma.

The finance major out of Miami is holding his own business conference this June. And he's come to us for some help. Fast Money 5 meet number 51.

Jon Vilma explains that a lot of players come into money at a very young age, and after their pro careers end they have to find jobs because they didn’t manage their money well.

Dylan Ratigan asks Vilma what’s the smartest move he made when the checks started rolling in?

Vilma replies it was giving his signing bonus to his financial advisors.  He wanted to know he he'd have a nest egg later in life.

Eric Bolling adds young pro athelest should put money in gold.

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