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Celeb Tucker Holds Lead: Cromwell Takes 2nd Spot!

James Tucker

Actor Jonathan Tucker holds the lead in Trading With The Stars--as Ernie Hudson falls to 4th place from 2nd on a 30% decline on I2 Technologies. Meanwhile, James Cromwell moves into second followed by Stephen Collins in third. Only $982 separates James and Stephen--and lower down in the rankings--only some $200 separate Chris Moneymaker and Judy Gold. Willie falls from 5th to 9th losing over $72K and falling under $1M in total portfolio value, taking a hit on his sale of Glatfelter--which fell almost 7% Tuesday.

#1 Jonathan Tucker: $1,178,420.00 up $1200.00 +0.10%.
Bought 1,500 shares of Flamel Technologies .
Sold 2,000 shares of Washington Group International .
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks
Jonathan holds $708,685 in cash and $469,735 in stock.

Richter's Tickers

#2 James Cromwell: $1,098,531.23 down $20,306.70 -1.81%.
No transactions Tuesday.
All of James' holdings were down, Starbucks, Interface, L-1 Identity, and U.S. BioEnergy with SunOpta down the most--with a 7.57% decline.

#3 Stephen Collins: $1,097,548.82 down $23,247.15 -2.07%.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Stephen's biggest loser was Bruker BioSciences which fell 20.33% Tuesday.

Richter's Tickers

#4 Ernie Hudson: $1,064,590.72 down $57,640.00 -5.14%.
Sold 2,500 shares of Avon Products.
Sold 1,030 shares of Build-A-Bear Workshop. 
Sold 3,000 shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill.
Sold 3,950 shares of I2 Technologies.
Sold 76,335 shares of Revlon.
Sold 33,000 shares of Sirius Satellite Radio. 
Sold 5,923 shares of Under Armour.
Sold 3,103 shares of Procter & Gamble. 

Bought 68,772 shares of Chiquita Brands at $15.48, going all-in in hopes for a strong earnings report after the bell, but they swung to a first-quarter loss. Ernie's place will be determined by how CQB performs on Wednesday.

Added $3,000 In Bonus Bucks. #5 Chris Gardner: $1,035,450.00 Had been all in cash, but he made 2 purchases on 5/1:
Bought 5,000 shares of Affymetrix .
Bought 2,000 shares of Zimmer Holdings .
Chris has $728,630 in cash and $306,820 spread across the 2 stock holdings listed above.

#6 Chris Moneymaker: $1,022,385.24 down $11,009.10 -1.07%.
No transactions Tuesday.
Chris Moneymaker is still all-in on Gigamedia which he bought on 4/27 and fell 1.07% Tuesday.

Richter's Tickers

#7 Judy Gold: $1,022,200.00 down $3,200.00 -0.31%.
No transactions Tuesday.
Judy is $21,250 in cash, and $1,000,680 in stock spread across:
Newmont Mining , Silver Standard, China Netcom, Apple, ConocoPhilips, California Water Service , Con Ed, Garmin, China Life.

#8 Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,017,826.00 up $120.00 0.01%.
No transactions Tuesday.
Lawrence holds $674,656 in cash and $343,170 in stocks.

#9 Willie Garson: $997,166.15 down $72,576.06 -6.78%.
Bought 90,000 shares of ACME Packet, Willie is all-in on ACME whose performance could make or break him Wednesday when it reports earnings.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

#10 Johnny Bench: $970,722.76 down $5095.42 -0.52%.
No transactions Tuesday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks
Johnny holds $27,005.48 in cash and $943,717.28 in stock spread across: American Oriental Bioengineering and CKX .

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