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No. 2 - Mom & Pop Stocks

The Dow Jones (DJ) Board of Directors met with bankers today to discuss their next move, now that the Bancroft family rejected Rupert Murdoch's $5 billion dollar takeover bid. (The Bancroft family controls voting stock) This begs a bigger question - is it ever worth investing in a company where one owner controls its destiny?

CNBC Wall Street Reporter Melissa Lee joins the guys for this conversation.

The Top Three #2

Melissa says there are many companies with dual share structures, and two different classes of voting power. She explains the ratio is 10:1 – meaning insiders have 10 times the voting power as the average investor.

She says historically this structure has been a good investment when the company’s founder is in the CEO suite (think Google) and not so good when the CEO is a descendant (think Ford.)

Tim Strazzini thinks News Corp. (NWS.A) is a buy because of the dual stock structure. The different classes keep some investors away and consequently, he thinks this stock undervalued.

Guy Adami says Cablevision (CVC) is a name he hates because of the dual share structure, although it’s worth noting the Dolan family is trying to take the company private.

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