Mad Money

It's Time for the Lightning Round!

InterContinental Exchange : Cramer likes this one along with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange . "This group is fantastic."

IPG Photonics : "I've cooled on this," Cramer says. He only recommends Ciena and Tellabs in this space.

Progressive : This is "one of the highest-quality insurers in the world," Cramer says, and he would recommend it highly. He also likes Prudential and MetLife after their great quarters.

United Online : This company yields 5% and it's got momentum, Cramer says. He's giving it the thumbs-up.

Sears Holdings : Cramer wants all the naysayers out there to just sell Sears already. He owns it for his charitable trust, and he's sticking with it. He's known CEO Eddie Lampert for 25 years, and he isn't going to sell the stock just because February wasn't so hot. He's a believer in this one. "To the victor will go the spoils" with Sears, he says.

American Capital Strategies : With an 8% yield, Cramer sees a stock that's going higher.

Public Services Enterprise Group : "I like the utilities." PEG is good, so are Duke Energy and Con Edison , he says.

Foxhollow Technologies : "They gave away the upside when they made that deal with Merck ," Cramer says, and now he doesn't want to touch this one.

Energy Metals : Even though EMU is very speculative, Cramer is betting uranium will go higher. "I'm not going to get off the EMU horse. I think there's more upside."

Atmel : "I don't think there's any upside there." The only tech stock Cramer is behind right now for multiple expansion is Hewlett-Packard .

Bank of New York : This bank is amazingly well run, and Cramer would buy it.

Amgen : Everyone got short AMGN and stopped liking it, but there was pessimism priced into the stock, Cramer says. "I think Amgen is going higher."

Jim's charitable trust owns Sears Holdings and Hewlett-Packard.

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