Million Dollar Buzz

Week 9 Winner: It's Donald Tang


It's official--Donald Tang has been declared the weekly winner for week #9. Donald is a trader by profession and he trades for both pleasure and business.

Donald says his strategy was to: "play media consolidation, punt earnings, get lucky." If he wins the $1,000,000 the first thing he's going to do is "sleep." ( being a trader is labor intensive) The stock he picked that surprised him the most was Dow Jones--this was certainly a result of the Rupert Murdoch offer to buy the company.

Donald says he is not a sports fan, nor does he watch TV. Guess all his time is spent on trading--which is why he's so tired!! Congratulations to Donald--the week 9 winner. (Donald's name is removed from the leaderboard-as he qualifies for the finals).

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