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Alcan: Closer Look At Best Performer


As we posted earlier, Alcan is one of the best performing stocks in the contest from the latest stats we've collected. CNBC's David Faber had a video report today on the hostile takeover deal for Alcan that Alcoa is trying to engineer. Evidently, this has been a two year "courtship" between the two companies. But any possible friendly deal was stopped last December by Alcan. And Faber says it's possible there could be more "suitors" for Alcan. Here's his report with some info on Alcan.

Alcan is the parent company of an international group involved in aspects of the aluminum, engineered products and packaging industries. It's headquarters is based in Montreal, Canada.
Competitors include Alcoa, of course, and BHP Billiton which Faber says could even be in the mix to buy Alcan--again that's not confirmed.

Alcan has a market cap of $21.89 billion. It reached a 52 week high of $82.60 per share and has a 52 week low of  $37.42 per share.

More Suitors for Alcan?

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