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Donald Tang: How He Became Weekly Winner


Hey everyone. Here's some details on weekly winner #9--Donald Tang. He came from pretty far behind to claim the top % gain on the weekly leaderboard with 127.44%.

On Friday, April 27th his portfolio value was $1,048,277.50, and as of the close on Friday 5/4 his portfolio was valued at $2,384,223.52 for the 127.44% gain. Donald purchased Dow Jones on 4/13 at $34.58, and on Friday, 4/27 it closed at $36.25, so he earned $576,914.10 when he sold it on Tuesday, 5/1 at $56.20 for a 55.03% gain.

Donald pulled away from the pack with solid gains on:
73,839 shares FoxHollow Tech  on 5/1 at $22.01, selling out on 5/2 at $23.17 netting $85,653.24.
163,848 shares of GrafTech International on 5/2 at $10.46, selling out on 5/3 at $12.10 netting $268,710.72.
34,585 shares of Crocs on 5/3 at $57.41, selling out on 5/4 at $68.85 netting $395,652.40.

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