Funny Business with Jane Wells

Grumpy Calling, Hammer Time, Invisible Aliens & Diddy's Delight

Grumpy on Line One

Tuesday after the bell, I reported Disneyearnings. I started my report by saying the company "hit it out of the park" on earnings, beating the street by six cents. I then said revenues missed a bit, while still growing. The company called to complain that I was too negative.

How the Weak Dollar is Helping the Hammertoe Business

A New York foot surgeon nicknamed "Dr. Happy Feet" is pitching a story on how European women are booking vacations in the U.S. so they can get their feet fixed up for summer. Podiatrist Stuart Mogul says, "My business from abroad has increased exponentially since the rise of the euro."

He specifically suggests we profile a young London lawyer heading this way to have surgery on her hammertoes. Sorry, um, I think I have to cover someone's euro-financed root canal that day. Dr. Mogul is called "Dr. Happy Feet" because "happy feet make for happy people." How corn-y.

Invisible Aliens Eat Your LunchKFC reports that while one third of us say our lunches "disappear" at work, less than five percent plead guilty to the crime. Either a lot of people are lying, or a few people are eating a lot of lunches. KFC (trying to pitch a new Biscuit Bowl thingy) also says that more than 33% of us would rather eat "boardroom leftovers" than the lunch we bring to work. me your thoughts on what that says about us as a people...

And What Does This Say About Us

For the first time, the top selling new fragrance last year was for... men. The NPD Group says Diddy's "Unforgivable" came in at #1. That is unforgivable.

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