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Guest Blogger Mishlove: My Picks For Tuesday

Hey folks. Jeff Mishlove is here with his picks today. Let's get right to his post: This has been a very busy time for me, so I am submitting this blog a bit later than usual. However, the lateness allows me to see that the picks I recommended for yesterday are doing quite well. Two of the five are among the top two eligible stocks for the contest on Tuesday. Those are aQuantive and Blue Nile – up, as I am writing, 11.98% and 17.21% respectively.

Once again, these great choices are a confirmation of the methods I have been using and blogging about on the Million Dollar Buzz. If you are interested in more details on my approach to the market, you’ll probably also want to review the Handbook I have writtenfor contestants in CNBC’s 2007 Portfolio Challenge.

So, that you can get this information right away – and use it before the market closes – here are my picks for Tuesday:
Allscripts Healthcare Solutions
OMRIX Biopharmaceuticals
Treehouse Foods

Of course, I could give you a more compelling story about each of these stocks. But, time is of the essence – so I’ll just submit the names and symbols for you today. After all, I have already outlined my strategies in some detail.

Jeffrey Mishlove is author of Jeffrey Mishlove’s Handbook for Contestants in CNBC’s 2007 Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. He is a registered commodity trading advisor and is creator

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