Mad Money

Are You Diversified?


Neil’s got a rail, a bank, an insurance company, a chemical company and a telephone company. “We’ve got major league diversification,” Cramer says, and he personally likes all the stocks.

Hope has “the master” of credit-card companies, “the king of all oil,” a restaurant, an aerospace and retailer. But Cramer isn’t a fan of teen retailers like American Eagle. He recommends swapping out of that for JC Penney after it reports tomorrow.

Three of Gary’s stocks are owned by Cramer’s charitable trust, so he’s off to a good start. Goldman is the best broker in the world, Cramer says, Google is the premier internet play, Sears is in good shape and Toyota – even with its lowered expectations – is still worth buying “hand over fist.”

Congratulations to everyone for getting it right today, Cramer says.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs, Toyota and Sears.

Am I Diversified?

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