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Celeb Collins Still Has Plans To Win Stars Contest

Stephen Collins

We had one other celebrity appear today on CNBC. Actor Stephen Collins was on "Morning Call" to talk about his adventures in Trading With The Stars. Stephen is currently in 2nd place. He says he's got a couple of "hail mary" plays up his sleeve. He better hurry--as we've said, Trading With The Stars ends this Friday.

Here's the video from this morning's show. One of his favorite stocks is FWLT .

Trading With the Stars Update

FYI--Stephen's show "7th Heaven" ends its 11 year run this Sunday. Stephen says he's planning to finish writing a novel he started some time ago. He also said the contest was a little too much like day trading--which is not for him. He says he's used to trading with a long term goal in mind. Good advice.

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