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Celeb Collins Soars On Great Stock Pick!

Stephen Collins

Wow--can Stephen Collins pick em or not. As we mentioned in an earlier post on contest stocks--best performong stock Foster Wheeler let the actor soar into first place in Trading With The Stars--with a $78K gain on  FWLT--which was up 19.96% Wednesday. He now has a total portfolio value of $1,237,825.31 which gives him a $14K lead over Jonathan Tucker with 2 days remaining in the contest. Lots of hooray's for Stephen from the "Morning Call" Team--the show he's playing for.

And what about Johnny Bench you ask? Well the Hall of Famer is making it a race of it, as he's now in 3rd place--his highest listing yet. But poker champ Chris Moneymaker dropped from #4 to #10 with his nearly all in gamble on Allscripts Healthcare Inc. which was down 11.6% today which reduced the value of his portfolio by $128K.

Richter's Tickers

#1 Stephen Collins: $1,237,825.31 up $88,581.60 +7.71%.
Sold 30,700 Shares of Service Corp. International.
Sold 9,000 Shares of Digital Reality Trust.
Bought 6,600 Shares of Golden Telecom.
Bought 5,500 Shares of Crocs Incorporated.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Stephen gained $78K with Foster Wheeler which was up 19.96% Wednesday.

Richter's Tickers

#2 Jonathan Tucker: $1,223,980.00 up $12,155.00 +1.00%.
Sold 100,000 Shares of Revlon.
Sold 3,000 Shares of Washington Group International.
Sold 10,000 Shares of Flamel Technologies.
Sold 2,500 Shares of Starwood Hotels & Resorts.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks
Jonathan biggest gainer today was Washington Group International which was up 3.21%.

#3 Johnny Bench: $1,128,023.68 up $40,675.28 +3.74%.
No Transactions Today
Johnny gained 40K on American Oriental Bioengineering which was up 3.75% Wednesday.

#4 James Cromwell: $1,113,565.83 down $8,765.00 -0.78%.
Sold 90,500 Shares of SunOpta Inc. .
Bought 49,000 Shares of Knot Inc. .
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.

#5 Chris Gardner: $1,055,995.00 up $14,445.00 1.39%.
No Transactions Wednesday.
Chris gained on all his holding except for IAC/Interactive Corp. .

Richter's Tickers

#6 Judy Gold: $1,049,828.76 up $9,338.76 +0.90%.
Sold 6,439 Shares of Jos. A. Bank Clothiers.
Sold 12,917 Shares of ABB Ltd.
Sold 9,796 Shares of Atheros Communications.
Bought 12,917 Shares of Exelon Corp.

Richter's Tickers

#7 Ernie Hudson: $1,034,709.61 down $40,726.25 -3.79%.
Sold 1,300 Shares of Leap Wireless International.
Sold 50,000 Shares of Gateway Inc.
Sold 2,600 Shares of CompuCredit.
Sold 14,525 Shares of Electronic Arts.
Bought 16,666 Shares of Six Flags Inc.
Bought 48,519 Shares of Gmarket Inc.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Ernie lost $33,262.25 on Electronic Arts which was down 4.33% Wednesday.

#8 Lawrence O'Donnell: $1,015,916.00 down $1,920.00 -0.19%
No transactions Wednesday.

#9 Willie Garson: $1,008,219.66 up $19,002.03 +1.92%.
No transactions Wednesday.
Added $3,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Willie gained $16K with his only holding Ligand Pharmaceuticals which was up 1.54%.

#10 Chris Moneymaker: $978,693.80 down $127,330.37 -11.51%.
No transactions Wednesday.
Added $1,000 in Bonus Bucks.
Chris lost $128,325.52 with Allscripts Healthcare Inc. which was down 11.6%.

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