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The Guys Tangle Over Spider-Man Company

When CNBC Contributor and Senior MarketWatch columnist Herb Greenberg is in the house – expect a “Street Fight.”

Of course, Herb and the guys are friends – but they’re also what you might call competitive. And nothing brings Herb more satisfaction than attempting to take down the traders.

Round 1: Guy Adami

Herb is taking aim at The Negotiator. On April 16th Guy recommended Marvel (MVL) because “one of their board of directors just spent a quarter of a million dollars to buy back stock...always a good sign.”

Herb says the buy back program ends at the end of this month, the stock is down, and the company is now in the movie business, a tough business!

Guy Adami concedes that the stock is down, but Jeff Macke takes over the fight. He tells Herb the movie business is the business MVL should be in. He says strap on your helmet and get long MVL.

Dylan Ratigan rules for Herb!

Round 2: Tim Strazzini

Street Fight

Next Herb rips The Risk Doctor because Tim recommended buying MBIA Insurance (MBI), on May 9th

Herb says MBI stock is trading at almost all time highs and the company’s credit spreads remain challenging!

Tim responds that MBI is expanding in Europe and Asia, two high growth areas, and their stock will do just fine. Their revenues look just fine, Tim adds.

Dylan Ratigan rules for Tim!

Round 3: Eric Bolling

Finally Herb lashes out at the whole Bolling clan. On March 27th Eric Bolling called Gamestop (GME) "A great company." And on April 26th The Admiral’s son told Dylan that he agreed with his Dad!

Herb argues that used games are a big part of the company’s profits, and that part of the business is coming under pressure.

Eric Bolling says Herb – “You can’t beat me, so you have to go after my 8-year old!” The stock is up 20% even after today’s downturn.

Dylan Ratigan rules for Eric!

Better luck next time Herb!

Street Fight

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