Are you spending more, less or the same amount as you were several months ago?

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Paul Sakuma

"I'm spending less than I was several months ago, but I am also recently retired, so I'm very mindful of my spending - don't want to outlive my bank accounts."
-- Cindy C., VA

"Utilities, gas, health insurance, property taxes keep rising faster than our meager 3% salary increases.  We budget and buy only necessities. No eating out, no movies, no high priced cable or vacations. It is still hard to make ends meet. We are in the middle-class squeeze."
-- Deborah J, Colorado

"Spending more money on general items, but making more money in the markets to offset! Love it!"
-- Brett C., Wyoming

"As far as everyday costs, Gas has gone up, Cable TV, Phone, Insurance and all the everyday costs have gone up over the last few years.  I am paying more and getting less. It is like every company is now trying to squeeze every penny out of us."
-- Scott R., New York

"Someone needs to address the topic of daycare. Young families are really getting hit hard with inflationary increases." 
-- Diane W., Ohio

"Even after getting a better job paying me more money, I'm trying to save more...Living is not easy and taxes are absurdly high. Not to mention food - who would have thought food and water, the absolute essentials of life, would cost so much money?"
-- Kunal, New York

"More with the price of gas -- how can you not?"
-- S.S.

I am spending more on items that are out of my control such as: gas, utilities, property taxes, wind & home owners insurances. This forces me to readjust my living expense budget whereby, I now spend less and question myself when buying something that I normally would have purchased because it was within my monthly budget. I am relinquishing myself to shop for anything at all beyond necessities due to this."
-- Richard G., Florida

"Spending more on everything. Increase in food costs, utilities, garbage pick up, water, fuel, phone, and Internet. Also, the service industry has tacked on fuel costs as well as hourly rates. Cabs are more as well. Inflation is growing out of control but not showing up in the CPI numbers."
-- Mary C., Oregon

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"Spending less. With prices on the rise for fuel, food and taxes, my money isn't going as far. I am limiting discretionary spending."  
-- Chris B., Pennsylvania

"Spending less and only needed items -- no luxury except dining out a couple times a month."
-- Rick M., Pennsylvania

"Spending less. I am in the process of buying my first home, and definitely haven't been indulging myself with things I usually would spend money on -- dinners out, clothing, etc. Saving money is my first priority right now, and especially with gas prices the way they are, it's become necessary even if I wasn't buying a house."
-- Susan N., Florida

"Spending less, and getting less. Look at the real street numbers. We are in an uncontrolled upward price spiral with no end in sight without a quick interest rate hike or a market decline, or both."
-- Roy, Tennessee

"I am spending less than several months ago.  I always spend less in spring, holiday's are over and winter vacations are done.  Gardening and yard work are less expensive than a trip to Vail."
-- Lester G., Maryland

"Spending less, less than ever."
-- Roy W., Florida

"I am definitely spending much less now then last year. Now I shop more on a need basis then a want. Gas and food have to come first and of course utility costs. I feel for the average consumer there is no sector that is not suffering from inflation and you have to budget more then ever. Quite honestly this is first time in whole marriage of 33 years that I have ever had to budget, so that tells you something."
-- Lynn D., Wisconsin

"More on gas and food. The same on most everything else."
-- Joseph C.

"Due to the cost of gas we have been spending more time at home, and are not going out to eat or going to the movies like we did a few months ago. We purchase clothing, but look for sales with most of the things we buy at this time."
-- Jim

"I’m spending more on taxes, electricity, gas, and food."
-- Edith

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"Spending more on expenses like property taxes, and homeowners insurance and high gas.Cutting back on  pleasure spending to make up for added pressures elsewhere."
-- George H.,Florida

"Spending more! I don't think the fed has a clue about the average American. My adjustable rate mortgage is due for its first adjustment, my wife and I are wondering where the extra $250 per month is going to come from. We are not alone!"
-- Mark M.

"Due to an increase in energy and fuel costs, we are spending less."
-- D.P.

"We are spending less on consumer goods, but our cash outlays are the same. The difference is going to reduce our consumer debt."
-- Jon S., California

"I am spending significantly less. I got rid of my home, now renting for 1/3 the price. Paid off my credit cards and my cars. I’m getting ready for an economic winter for the middle-class."
-- Deborah M., California

"Tons more! One example is my health insurance monthly premium, which just leapt by 19%!"
-- Tom H., New York

"Spending less! Preparing for inevitable recession. Let's hope it's mild."
-- Hugh, Florida

"Costs are out of control!"
-- Art M., Michigan

"I'm spending way too much for gas, food, cable and utilities.  All of these keep going up."
-- Karen C., New Jersey

"Spending less and saving more."
-- Chuck H., Mississippi

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"I haven't changed my spending habits."
-- Tony Z., New York

"Trying to pull back on spending due to higher taxes in retirement as well as fuel and food cost.”
-- Rich, Virginia

"I am spending more, but receiving less for my money."
-- Gale B., Kansas

"Spending more, because things cost more."
-- Richard B, Canada

"I have been definitely been spending more as of the past 6 months."
-- J. Weisbrot

"Spending less…and watching carefully where the funds are going."
-- Amy

"Same, but need to start spending less to make up for higher gas prices."
-- David G, Washington

"Spending less due to higher prices across the board.  It is more expensive to go out to eat, travel, and to borrow money to expand my business."
-- John Y., Florida