Mad Money

Market Misjudges Medical Stock

Cramer’s offering up two spec plays today in honor of Speculation Friday. We already gave you Kinetic Concepts, and the second is Micrus Endovascular. This tiny $300 million company saw its stock price drop $2 on less-than-stellar earnings yesterday. Cramer doesn’t see what the problem is, saying it looked like typical small-cap volatility on a bad day for the market. In the end, though, it may just end up helping Home Gamers who want to buy in on weakness.

The company makes microcoils that treat cerebral vascular diseases, mostly cerebral aneurysms, which doctors use to fill the aneurysm in order to prevent it from growing or bursting. MEND, which is at $20 and change right now, peaked at over $25, but pulled back when these microcoils weren’t approved for use in China.

As for competition, MEND is number two in its market behind a subsidiary of Boston Scientific , which given its problems isn’t much to worry about, Cramer says. There’s also Johnson & Johnson, but J&J is cutting back on its aneurysm business.

Bottom Line: MEND either makes you money infiltrating China, or it gets bought out, Cramer says – What’s not to like?

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