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Second Chance Showdown: Time Running Out To Opt-In


Just a reminder about the Second Chance Showdown that is now part of the Million Dollar Portfolio Contest. This is your chance to win a prize if you don't qualify for the finals of the portfolio challenge. BUT you must opt-in by this coming Monday, May 14th by 9:29 AM EST to be a part of "SC."

This is not a new registration,but an opt-in. You opt-in when you go to the contest home page and an opt-in page appears. Or you can opt-in on the contest home page itself, where it says opt-in.

Now, until end of the trading day today, everyone is still competing for the finals of the Million Dollar Portfolio. The finalists will include the 10 weekly winners and the 10 top portfolio values  for a total of 20 finalists. The two week finals for both the Million Dollar Portfolio and Second Chance Showdown begin on Monday. Only the non-finalists of Million Dollar Portfolio are eligible for Second Chance.

Some important facts for the Second Chance Showdown:
Each person can only play one portfolio in the final two weeks of trading.
Trading starts this Monday at the opening bell.
You start with a fresh portfolio of $1,000,000 CNBC Bucks.
There are no Bonus Bucks in the final two weeks of trading.
Both the Finals and the Second Chance Showdown end at 4:00 pm ET on May 25th.

The winner of Second Chance Showdown will get the grand prize of a Sony Home Theatre System that includes a 46 inch HDTV, a 5-disc DVD.CD changer and a 5.1 channel surround sound. Good luck.

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