Welcome to The Big Idea: The Blog

If you’re reading this, no doubt you've watched "The Big Idea" hundreds of times.

I've been on the air at CNBC for more than two years now. And it finally dawned on me... I could do so much more than one little hour of television a night. I have more to give! So I told CNBC: put me on the web. I'm ready for my digital close-up. I want to be one of those internet maniacs, pounding out opinions, spouting advice, starting trouble - and to be serious for a second - giving you tips for success, just like I do every night on the show.

So welcome to The Big Idea: The Blog.

And I want to start by giving you some tips for success, right out of a show we taped this week. It's about all the hundreds of signals you send out every time you deal with someone, anyone, about anything at all. This is the stuff that can help you nail someone in a negotiation - and keep from getting busted by your own out-of-control arms and legs.

Basically, you think you can keep your emotions hidden. You can’t. Everything you’re feeling is written all over your face. The only thing is it’s only written there for a split second. Which is why they’re called MICRO-EXPRESSIONS.

Here’s what the experts tell me. (And let me just say, spending a day in the studio with five mind-readers is a pretty freaky thing. I have one producer who was ready to put a cloth sack over her head and cut out eye holes so these guys would quit decoding everything she was thinking.) Anyway here are some things to look for when you talk to someone:

What Your Face is Saying:
Brow down and/or lips tight = Anger
Asymmetrical raised corner of the mouth = Contempt
Nostrils flared and/or upper lip curled = Disgust
Eyebrows raised = Fear

What Your Body is Saying:
Finger tips pressed together = High confidence
Fingers intertwined, thumbs up = High confidence
Rubbing hands together = Distress
Hand on neck = Distress
Raised Toes = Happy
Touching the face = Relieving stress
Belly Button facing a person = Comfort with that person
Belly Button facing away from a person = Discomfort with that person

Guys, this was a fascinating show. It aired last night, but if you didn't see it, don't worry - you'll be able to catch it again soon. And thanks for reading my first blog post!


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