Mad Money

It's Time for the Lightning Round!

Six Flags : Cramer says this is a weather-related play, and no one wants to get in front of it just in case it turns out we have a wet summer. If that’s your bet, you might consider shorting SIX. But Cramer likes CEO Mark Shapiro and the advanced ticket sales. He’s bullish on this one, but he wouldn’t pull the trigger until the stock dips below $6.

Ford : “People are believing in Alan Mulally, and it’s about time.” Forget a private equity buyout, Cramer says, Mulally’s ability to turn things around is the reason to own this stock.

Wells Fargo : “Best in show bank!” Even still, Cramer thinks Goldman Sachs is a better buy. It’s at $225 now, and he sees it headed to $300.

Consol Energy : “Keep looking. Don’t pull the trigger!” Cramer likes Peabody and Arch Coal, but Massey Energy is “just awful.”

Chemed : Cramer’s sticking with Chemed, but he’d schnitzel a little right here.

DivX : “I did say to sell DivX on three different occasions.” With management performing so poorly, Cramer just can’t get behind this stock.

NYSE Euronext : NYX is getting hit by a massive bear raid, Cramer says – “I have never seen a raid so powerful.” He’s calling on CEO John Thain to explain the situation.

Charter Communications : “Charter’s going higher.” The stock’s had a big run, Cramer says, but he’s sticking with it.

Big Lots : This is not a favorite retail stock of Cramer’s.  There are a ton of companies in this sector that Cramer would rather see Home Gamers in: JC Penney, Federated Department Stores, Saks and Kohl’s.

Sport Chalet : When it comes to sporting goods, Cramer thinks Dick’s is a buy.

Central Garden & Pets : “Pass on Central Garden & Pets. Inconsistent. Not a great company…May I refer to you Loew’s…or Sears?”

Joy Global : Cramer recommends Caterpillar instead.

Syneron Medical : “We’re still sticking with Syneron.” Cramer likes the contract with Procter & Gamble, and he’s a believer in dental lasers.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs, NYSE Euronext and Sears Holdings.

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