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No. 3 - Earnings Hangover?

Earnings season draws to a close this week and as Wall Street wakes up still intoxicated from a quarter that saw earnings growth come in at more than double analysts’'s time to pull ourselves together and look at what lies in store.

One thing is certain: all eyes will now be on the economy - growth, inflation, and whether the bearded one's next move will be a rate cut or hike?

Can this bull run continue unabated, or is the party over?

Doug Cliggott Chief Investment Officer at Dover Management joins the guys for this conversation.

The Top Three #3

Cliggott says earnings growth isn’t as spectacular as the headlines might lead you to believe because of a slowing employment picture.

He expects a housing slowdown to drag down employment and consequently the economy. Consequently, Cligott believes over the next 3-5 years investors will be lucky to see corporate earnings come in at 2%-4% per year. He recommends investing abroad.

Eric Bolling doesn’t agree. He thinks the world is growing so rapidly that strength in other economies will more than off-set domestic weakness.

Jeff Macke adds growth on the corporate earnings side is robust.

Dylan Ratigan says the bottom line here is, Doug Cliggott is looking for a “tell” in the labor market. And only time will tell if he’s right.

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