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Contest Stocks: Besides WINN, Most Are The Same


Hey--here's our "stock report" for both the finals and Second Chance Showdown. As we said, WINN was the big winner--if you had it. Most active and widely held remain much the same from the non-final trades of past weeks. Here ya go:

Best performing trades by % gain from Monday's close to Tuesday's close:
Winn-Dixie : If you bought on Monday at $20.01 and held/sold on Tuesday with a close of $27.45, the contestant gained 37.18% on the trade--up on strong earnings, 27 of our Second Chance finalists benefited from this trade.

Worst performing trades by % loss from Monday's close to Tuesday's close:Neurochem : If you bought on Wednesday at $6.85 and held/sold on Tuesday with a close of $6.06, the contestant lost 11.53% on the trade

Here are the most active and widely helds for our Million Dollar Top 20 and our Second Chance Finalists--

Most active:  (all down from Monday except where noted)
REV Revlon--shares:149,433,03
CMGI CMGI 124,661,226
CNXT Conexant Systems 83,845,525
KRY Crystallex Intl. 79,914,632
VG Vonage 77,838,966
SIRI Sirius Satellite 73,022,220
GTW Gateway 59,155,530
RNO Rio Narcea Gold 57,490,817 Up from Monday.
CHTR Charter Comm. 51,398,472
BQI Oilsands Quest 38,506,483

Widely held stocks:
CMGI CMGI--shares: 337,712,007
REV Revlon 314,649,860
KRY Crystallex Intl. 228,448,026
CNXT Conexant Systems 201,190,140
SIRI Sirius Satellite 156,146,406
GTW Gateway 143,412,850

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