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Second Chance Leaderboard: It's A Tie 27 Times


Hey folks, here's our look at the Second Chance Showdown leaderboard. Remember I asked yesterday if anyone got on the Winn-Dixie Bandwagon? Some 27 of you did go all-in on the Winn-Dixie trade, buying it on Monday at $20.01 and selling/holding it Tuesday at $27.45, for a 37.18% on strong earnings.

Now, believe it or not, and you better believe it, we have 27 of you tied for the lead with the same portfolio value. That's mainly because most of you made the same trade, but that will change after today and the tie will most likely be broken. We can only list 20 people in the leaderboard, randomly chosen, but I'm a listing here all 27 contestants (an advantage of having a blog).

Interestingly enough none of our Million $ finalists made the Winn-Dixie trade, so our Second Chance contestants are beating the Million $ contestants top value by almost $300K.

Just fyi--per the rules: In the event of a tie, the Grand Prize Winner will be determined by:
1. The most CNBC Bucks received
2. The most stock trades during the contest
3. The contestant who registered earliest for the contest
If there is still a tie, the Grand Prize will be divided equally among the finalists.

Here are the leaders in no particular order:

Name                    Portfolio Holding       Portfolio Amount
Eric Carlsen               $1,371,782.34             $1,371,814
Peixiang Sun               1,371,813.30               1,371,814
Travis Brooks              1,371,783.56               1,371,814
Cassie O'Connor           1,371,813.75               1,371,814
Gary Hearn                  1,371,813.75               1,371,814
Magali Serrano             1,371,779.24               1,371,814
Bud Riceman                  994,175.13                1,371,814
Stuart Bray                 1,345,928.75                1,371,814
Alfred Cancino             1,371,813.75                1,371,814
Kiran Bhattarai             1,371,771.64                1,371,814
Jennifer Sundberg         1,371,783.56                1,371,814
Matthew Martinez         1,371,807.36                1,371,814
Frank Caruso                1,371,814.00               1,371,814
Marilyn Shockley           1,371,806.70                1,371,814
R D                            1,371,813.75                1,371,814
Tony Casciano             1,348,655.00                1,371,814
Larry Sundar                1,030,150.00                1,371,814
Raymond Smith            1,371,812.10                 1,371,814
Peter Littleton             1,371,814.00                 1,371,814
Chris Weismiller            1,344,205.50                 1,371,814
Lisabteh Szczepanek     1,361,810.00                 1,371,814
Nathan Scheribel          1,371,783.56                 1,371,814
Mark Marino                 1,371,772.85                 1,371,814
Warren Taake              1,371,813.75                 1,371,814
Thuy Nguyen               1,371,813.61                 1,371,814
Danile Kurnos               1,371,802.34                 1,371,814
Rosa Parrott                1,283,108.80                 1,371.814

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