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See What People Are Saying - Wed. May 16th



"I respectfully disagree with the logic of buying HD and Lowe's on the hopes that there might be a bad hurricane season.... It's very much like playing the biotechs: The buyer is left HOPING for hurricanes, much the same way the biotech buyer is left hoping for cures that may never come. Even with a bad hurricane season, that only improves housing starts in a few states, not all 50."

-- Todd S. from California

"I wanted to throw my 2 cents into Eric Bolling's favorite game, "What Would Warren Buffet Buy." If I had 40-80 billion to spend with international exposure, I think I would buy Kraft.  They have the strong brands that Buffet loves, Mac and Cheese, Oscar Mayer, Post, Nabisco, Philadelphia cream cheese and Oreos.  They have almost no long term debt.  Now they haven't been growing at a large percent, but the management is primed to get that started up again."

-- Eric B

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