Which political party do you trust more to deal with high energy prices?

Gas station in San Francisco.

"Neither.  Let the markets decide the price of energy and leave the politicians to focus on more important issues such as health care, education and entitlements."
-- Greg M., Canada

"Neither. The elected are more concerned with themselves first, their party second, and a list of other things before being concerned about the people of America."
-- Lee D., Louisiana

"Republicans, see how much corn ethanol has helped.  No wait, the Democrats -- maybe what we need are windfall profit taxes levied on the oil companies so they can pass it on to consumers. The point is, short of starting another war somewhere, U.S. political parties have little effect on high energy prices."
-- Mitch H., Texas

"I trust the Republican’s more."
-- David C., Texas

"Both parties would love to "deal with" higher prices and increase their political power by appearing to "do something", whether it actually helps or not.  However, government involvement (by either party) is likely only to distort market forces and either prolong the situation or make matters worse." 
-- Mark V., New Jersey

"In regards of which party to trust more to deal with high energy prices, neither. If any party is serious about global warming and/or saving energy, keep the prices high to "force" people out of gas guzzling SUV's to put them in hybrids and mass transportation."
-- Don S., Arizona

"The Democrats. The Bush administration is a do nothing political party that supports high prices for energy. Alternative energy is needed but is just a smoke screen to deflect criticism from the Democrats and the public at large."
-- Frank, New York

"Neither party wants to take on the oil companies. So nothing will happen any time soon. What is truly amazing is that no one has come out with an alternative."
-- T.R.

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"The bottom line is that Market forces work, and tampering with them often creates more damage than the initial problem did.  It would be poor judgment to attempt to force a correction on such an integrated area like energy, and the negative impacts could be far-reaching.  I think the Republicans have a better understanding of this concept."
-- Jason C., Illinois

"This should have been solved long ago. Our government keeps letting people down again and again. It has nothing to do with Republicans or Democrats. It's called having a long term plan and we haven't seen that for a long time from any side."
-- Kath L., California

"I do not trust the Democrats as they always are inclined to tinker. The energy problem is simple really. Demand exceeds supply. The Democrats (and the environment supporters) do not allow nuclear...do not allow new refineries...and stop new drilling."
-- Tom, Alaska

"Given the choice between a huge Socialist, intrusive, Government, and a lean, mean fighting machine, free enterprise type Government, I would choose the Republican’s any time. At least the Republicans have better intentions."
-- Bill W., Tennessee

I trust the Republicans to deal with high-energy prices. They are more likely to let the market determine prices. The Democrats are more likely to interfere with the market by using it as an excuse to levy more taxes to fund another asinine social program.
-- Charlie S., Georgia

"I do not trust either party to deal with high-energy prices. The oil near-monopolies have their claws so deeply imbedded into every important politician that if they were to release the claw the politicians would bleed to death within minutes."
-- Bob M.

"Since Hurricane Katrina when gas prices hit above the roof, I haven't seen either party take the issue of regulation of prices seriously enough. With the rising tide of public anger growing both parties are going to have to wake up and face this issue sooner or later."
-- Chuck H., Mississippi

"The Democrats, because they are more likely to embrace alternatives to fossil energy and are not as beholden to the oil companies."
-- J. David D., Georgia

"The GOP – without question. All the Democrats want to do is raise taxes. They always think they know how to spend your money better than you do."
-- S.R.

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"The Democratic Party. The last time we had a Democratic President gas was less than $2.00 a gallon, plus we had a trillion dollar surplus to buy down oil prices. 
-- Greg J., California

"Politicians can only wish they had the kind of power to deal with today’s high energy prices. Today, our political leaders are unable to even talk to each other with any respect. I’m ashamed of the whole bunch."
-- Gary R., California

"Neither. Let the market forces work as they may.  In the long run, this spike, though I don’t think temporary, will be good. The search for alternative sources climbs exponentially with each up tick in the price of gas. This includes natural gas, too, which has not moderated downward in this off season."
-- Jeff M., Indiana 

"Neither party, if we did not have the the amount of Federal and state taxes on a gallon of gas it would be more affordable."
-- Larry Z., Louisiana

"They weren’t too successful the last time they tried to institute a windfall profits tax, so anything Congress does now is likely to make matters worse. We’ve enjoyed inexpensive energy for so long that we’re shocked now that prices are at a more normalized level."
-- Eric W, Arizona

"The Republicans."
-- M.M.

"Neither party. The record speaks for itself. There is too much money being given to politicians by big oil and the people suffer."
-- B.V.

"The legislator took action to fix the high price of homeowner’s insurance in Florida. As a result private companies all but abandoned the state so the state created insurer of last resort is now the biggest insurer of homes in Florida, and it still cost 10 times more than four years ago. If the government gets involved here they may end up having to provide gas for many areas, something they’re woefully unprepared to do."
-- Dave, Conn.

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"The Republicans: they will let the free market system work and not try to tax everything to its death."
-- Don M.

"The Republicans. Historically Democrats are more for starting fires, rather than putting them out."
-- Steven C.

"You’re asking to pick the lesser of two evils."
-- Craig, Texas

"The Republicans, because they're going to let the market work as it should. You can have all the gas you need available at the market price, or none at an artificially constrained price."
-- Ray M., Florida