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Second Chance Showdown: New Name Takes Over


Hey everyone--Kiran Bhattarai takes the lead in the Second Chance contest on a strong performances by Jack in the Box and Stifel Financial ending the 27-way tie that existed after the popular Winn-Dixie trade on Tuesday. However the portfolio values are very tight among the leaders. Lisabeth Szczepanek follows close behind in second with only $10,904.60 separating her from the lead and even less separating her and our third place contestant Steve Ogullukian. He is only $2,216.608 behind Lisbeth.

Kiran has a total portfolio value of $1,438,188.60 up $66,374.60, or 4.84% from Tuesday establishing him as the leader. He sold 7,108 shares of Jack in the Box for a profit of $17,414.60. He sold 18,000 shares of Stifel Financial for a profit of $48,960.His initial trade on Winn-Dixie made him $371,814 on its 1-day gain of 37.18%
Kiran bought:
-Hewlett-Packard betting on strong market performance from its earnings report after the bell Wednesday. betting on strong market performance tomorrow as well from its earnings report after the bell Wednesday in which it swung to a Q1 profit.

Lisbeth Szczepanek is in second with a total portfolio value of $1,427,284 up $55,470 from Tuesday. She sold 43,000 shares of FirstService for a profit of $55,470. She is all-in on Raven Industries due to report Thursday before the bell.

Steve Ogullukian is in third with a total portfolio value of $1,425,067.32 and is betting on PetsMartto propel him into the lead at the end of Thursday.

Name                               Portfolio Amount
1. Kiran Bhattarai                $1,438,188.60
2. Lisabteh Szczepanek         1,427,284.00
3. Steve Ogullukian               1,425,067.32
4. Peixiang Sun                    1,422,135.70
5. Travis Brooks                   1,416,727.40
6. Nathan Scheribel              1,416,727.40
7. Jennifer Sundberg             1,416,727.40
8. Tony Casciano                 1,400,403.00
9. Gary Hearn                      1,400,299.75
10. Warren Taake                 1,400,299.75
11. Alfred Cancino                1,400,299.75
12. Cassie O'Connor              1,400,299.75
13. R D                               1,400,299.75
14. Bud Riceman                   1,398,433.62
15. Marilyn Shockley             1,397,161.50
16. Rosa Parrott                   1,377,866.40
17. Stuart Bray                    1,373,784.75
18. Peter Littleton                1,371,814.00
19. Frank Caruso                  1,371,814.00
20. Stephen Todiephuis         1,370,148.00

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