Men are From Pre-School, Women are from B-School

What better way to celebrate Mother's Day on CNBC than to dedicate an entire show to mothers and daughters, working side by side in business? From spa products to high-end car accessories, these mother-daughter duos are making big money and keeping it all in the family. But how easy is it to work for a boss when that boss is your mom -- or even worse, when that boss is your daughter?

When I ran my company, eight out of 10 of my top executives were women. And I've always praised the superiority of women, especially in business. Give me a choice between a woman and a man with the same talents, I'll take a woman every time. Here's why:

There's so much emotional baggage that comes with men and the battle for success. We men -- the alpha males who fight our way to the top of the business food chain -- spend a lot of time worrying about our stripes, about the pelts hanging from our belts. That time could be spent working at our jobs, but no -- our goals include greed and domination. "Why did that guy get the corner office? Why was his raise bigger than mine? I've got to run this place." Size matters.

Women, on the hand, want to do the job. They want to work in a collaborative environment, they want to succeed and they want to be paid fairly. This is exactly what you want in a senior executive. No nonsense, just good work and respect.

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