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Cramer's Game Plan for the Week of May 21


Before Cramer gets into the plays he thinks could make you mad money next week, he wants to take a moment to bask in the glory of a certain recommendation he made back on April 9. Cramer said that day that he thought aQuantive would likely get bought by the loser of the bidding war for Doubleclick. Well, Google took out Doubleclick and today we learn that Microsoft is buying AQNT for a gigantic premium. The stock put on 35 points since the news broke. Cramer’s made some good calls, but rarely does he get a slam dunk like this, nailing both the takeover target and the acquirer. Cramer hopes that call buys him a little street cred going forward.


Next week brings some earnings that are worth keeping an eye on. Analog Devices reports after the bell on Tuesday. Texas Instruments , the analogue to Analog Devices, had a great quarter and Cramer thinks ADI will follow in its footsteps.

GameStop, which is at a 52-week high, reports Wednesday and Cramer thinks it could be worth buying if the stock dips on Monday and Tuesday. He’s only recommending buying ahead of the quarter if the stock shows some weakness, otherwise he doesn’t think there’s much upside.

Wednesday also is Target’s day to report. Target is way oversold, and Cramer recommends buying it both before and after the quarter. CA also reports after the close Wednesday. The company was mired by fraud and scandal, but it isn’t permanently tainted, Cramer says. He thinks CA has finally gotten its act together and this could be its first good quarter – and a good time to get in.

Next week, UBS has an oil and gas conference which Cramer thinks is an opportune time to buy all the usual suspects, and Halliburton in particular. The company is just buying back stock like it’s going out of style.

For the finale, Dick’s Sporting Goods reports on May 23, and while Cramer thinks the company is OK, the real money could be when it reveals how much Under Armour merchandise it’s selling. He recommends UA ahead of the Dick’s conference call.

Bottom line: Next week Cramer likes GameStop ahead of the quarter – but only if there’s weakness – as well as Analog Devices, CA, Halliburton and Under Armour before the Dick’s call.

Jim’s charitable trust owns Halliburton.

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