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See What People Are Saying – Fri. May 18th


Q:What was the name of that company you talked about that takes old nuclear weapons and removes the uranium from them?

-- Neal D, FL

A: I think I located the post you’re looking for. It’s called “The Power Trade” from Monday May 4th. Here’s the link. Hope this helps.

-- Lee Brodie, Producer

Q: I've been watching CNBC for more 12 years now and I really love all the programs within which it provides. "Fast Money" however, is by far my favorite! My problem is, I live in Phoenix and don't get home 'til 6:00pm, is it at all possible that you guys can replay the show in later hrs. or possibly move it to a later time?

- Art H.

A: I’ve got good news for you. "Fast Money" is available for free – right here on Typically video of each segment is posted immediately following the show. So if you missed it on TV or if you want to hear something again- check it out on the web!

- Lee Brodie, Producer

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