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Contest Stocks: GIGM In Big "Play" On Earnings


Hey everyone, here's a look at the contest stock report. The biggest change appears to be GIGM which appears on the actives list for the first time--as part of the Chinese online gaming play betting on strong earnings before the bell Tuesday. Here you go:

Best performing trades by % gain from Friday's close to Monday's close:
Neurochem Inc.--up 26.29%.
CYTYC Health Care--up 22.68% on merger with Hologic.
Atlas America--up 16.43%. The parent of Atlas Energy rose on the news that Atlas Energy would acquire a host of natural gas wells.
Atlas Energy--up 14.72% on the news of its natural gas well acquisition.
ValueClick Media up 14.30%. The market it eyes it as the next potential online takeover target after aQuantive.
Medis Technologies--up 12.76%.
Elan--up 12.59%. Early Phase III clinical trials of its treatment for mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.
Global Sources--up 11.05%. Reports before the bell Tuesday.
The9 Ltd--up 10.31%.
Skechers U.S.A--up 9.54%. Private Equity buyout that would merge it with Genesco.

Worst performing trades by % loss from Friday's close to Monday's close:
DaiEi Inc.-- down 8.53%.
GlaxoSmithKline--down 7.85%.
BioProgress plc--down 6.79%.
Hologic Health Care--down 6.27%
Saks Inc Retail--down 5.99%
Texas Pacific--down 5.41%.
CarMax Retail--down 4.14%.
Georgia Gulf Chemicals--down 3.95%.
WNS Holdings--down 3.83%.

The most active and widely helds for our Million Dollar Top 20 and our Second Chance Finalists:

Most active      Volume
REV             84,410,861
CMGI           66,238,347
CNXT           65,747,703
KRY             58,459,355
SIRI             58,288,459
CHTR           43,660,671
GTW            43,425,181
VG               29,433,541
BQI              24,196,668
GIGM            23,498,750

Widely held       Shares
CMGI            407,025,712
REV              377,504,978
CNXT            279,170,640
KRY              255,160,342
SIRI              217,998,442
GTW             190,254,330

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