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Portfolio Challenge Finalist Stephen Luchko


Four days and counting until the end of the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge. Twenty people are competing for the prize of $1,000,000--and Stephen Luchko is one of them. Stephen appeared on "Squawk Box" this morning to talk about his last few days of contest trading. He's currently in 4th place on the leaderboard. Here's a look at his portfolio value and what he holds. Make sure you listen to the stock picks Stephen makes when he's asked about long-term investing. Quite a change from his contest outlook.

Stephen Luchko: $1,268,471.67 down $(7,644.21) -0.60% on Monday.
Sold 1 share of Fremont General.
Sold 1 share of Lin TV.
Sold 25,481 shares of Monster Worldwide for a loss of $7,644.30.
Almost all-in on Monster Worldwide.
Bought 1 share of Neurochem Inc.
Bought 1 share of GigaMedia .
Bought 1 share of Vonage.

Portfolio Challenge Finalist

Quick facts: Stephen lives in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania and he's a portfolio accountant for The Haverford Trust Company. You can read more about Stephen here.

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