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Finalists "Betting" On Gamestop For Big Finish!

Several of our CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge finalists are "betting" on gaming stocks for a big finish--so they can win a cool $1,000,000. Gamestop is the stock of choice with earnings coming out. Also, The Men's Wearhouse is "wearing" well with the top two contestants. Here's a look at the top standings and current portfolio values. The contest ends this Friday, so the clock is ticking!! (video below with Margaret Brennan wrapping it all up for you)

Be sure and check out our slideshowon all the finalists.

#1 Nancy Beaumont: $1,332,003.40 down $29,222.48 -2.15%
Sold 67,959 shares of Pacific Sunwear losing almost $30K on its 2.15% decline Tuesday. Sold 1 share of Crystallex Intl.  at a loss of $0.11.
All-in on The Men's Wearhouse which reported strong earnings after the bell Tuesday and was up almost 3% in extended hours.

#2 Serge Amelyan: $1,312,717.38 up $4,540.64 +0.35%.
Sold 64,825 shares of Vanda Pharmaceuticals netting him $4,537.25 on its 0.35% gain Tuesday. Sold 1 share of Freemont General for a gain of $2.89.
Bought 1 share of Vanda Pharma .
Almost all-in on The Men's Wearhouse.

#3 Steven Lee: $1,277,017.48 down $76,692.22 -5.67%.
Sold Neurochem at loss of $76,692.22 on its 5.67% decline Tuesday.
Bought 1 share of AFC Enterprises Inc. .
Almost all-in on the Bristow Group .

#4 Ryan Stackman: $1,240,293.67 up $25,159.56 +2.07%
Sold 35,436 shares of ValueClick netting him $25,159.56 on its 2.07% gain.
All-in on Spansion .

#5 Mary Williams: $1,220,807.09 up $34,952.50 -3.22%.
Mary remains all-in on Shanda Interactive which has gained her $34,952.50 to date.

Here are trends of note:
#6 Stephen Luchko, #16 Chuck Chow, #20 Carl Altenburg are all-in on GameStop in anticipation of strong earnings on Wednesday.
#5 Mary Williams, #18 Donald Tang, #19 James Kraber all-in on Shanda Interactive who reported earnings after the bell Tuesday.
#1 Nancy Beaumont, #2 Serge Amelyan all-in on The Men's Wearhouse who reported strong earnings after the bell Tuesday.
#9 Scott Cole, #11 Lina Kim all-in on Tween Brands in anticipation of strong earnings on Wednesday.

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