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Portfolio Challenge Finalists: Luchko And Masters


We have a pair of Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge finalists to "introduce" to you. Stephen Luchko (pictured)  is from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania--and a portfolio accountant for The Haverford Trust Company. And Greyson Masters (interview below) is a market research executive and lives in Winchester, Virginia. He says he trades for pleasure. The pleasure may be ending as both have just two days now to get the winning portfolio value for the $1,000,000 prize.

Stephen is currently in 6th place while Greyson is in 12th. Greyson talked to us about his plans for the contest in the video is below. He says he will sell out of his current holding (ROST) and go for something he thinks will put him over the top. He's also a weekly winner and you can read more about him here.

Here's a look at their current portfolio values and what they own.

Richter's Tickers

Stephen Luchko: $1,204,003.18 down $64,468.49 -5.08% Tuesday.
Sold 1 share of Neurochem Inc.
Sold 1 share of GigaMedia.
Sold 1 share of Vonage .
Bought 4 shares of Vonage.
Almost all-in on GameStop.


Greyson Masters: $1,031,671.13 down $27,991.76 -2.64%.
Sold 22,574 CBRL Group down 2.64% for a loss of almost $28K Tuesday.
He is all-in on Ross Stores Inc. .

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