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Up Close: Contest Finalist Chuck Chow

Chuck Chow

Here's a look at another of our CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Contest finalists--Chuck Chow. Chuck was one of our weekly winners and that enabled him to become one of the twenty finalists. He's a retired chemical engineer and lives in Bollingbrook, Illinois with his family. He invests in the market for personal, not professional, reasons. His strategy for his winning week was to "go all in on one stock. By the way be sure and check out our slide showon all the finalists.

Chuck is currently in 16th place out of the twenty--so he's got some good stock picking to do in the next three days as the contest ends this Friday. Here's a look at his portfolio value and what he holds. Chuck and the others are competing for $1,000,000!!

Richter's Tickers

Chuck Chow: $1,005,060.30 down $17,328.38 -1.69% on Tuesday.
Sold 55,898 shares of Inc. down 1.69% for a loss of $17K.
All-in on GameStop.


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