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Challenge Finalist Tran: No Job Till Contest Ends


Ban Tran says he's so caught up in the excitement of the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, that he's delayed finding a job until he's completely through with the contest. Well, he won't have long--with the contest ending this Friday. Ban is one of the 20 finalists competing for the $1,000,000 prize. So maybe if he wins, he'll delay his job search even longer.

He's a recent master grad in Electrical Engineering from USC, and lives in Los Angeles, California. He's currently in 12th place out of the twenty finalists. Here's a look at his current portfolio value and his holdings. Remember, the contestant with the highest portfolio value at the close of trading Friday, wins the $1M!! Check on the video below for more. And check out our slideshow on all the finalists!!

Ban Tran: $1,040,160.64 up $22,714.02 +2.23% Sold 36,054 shares of Dycom Industries  for a gain of $22,714.02 . All-in on Ansoft Corporation.

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