Mad Money

It's Time for the Lightning Round!


Apple : Cramer recommends buying Apple now and then selling it five days before the iPhone ships.

Resources Connection : It’s got very high growth but a premium multiple. Cramer isn’t going to get behind this one.

Alcoa : Alcoa has far exceeded Cramer’s price target but he still doesn’t think it will be public this time next year. He wants to stick with it.

Skechers : “Sketchers is too dangerous,” Cramer says.

Sony : Cramer likes it on this pullback. “I think Sony goes higher.”

VeraSun Energy : “That’s the one place on earth that the sun doesn’t come up!” Cramer isn’t recommending going anywhere near VeraSun.

NYSE Euronext : “You’re getting NYSE for free because Euronext has such unbelievable numbers,” Cramer says. He doesn’t think the stock will go up until everyone sells it and the nay-saying analysts admit they were wrong. But he isn’t walking away. “I think this is a great stock to own.”

Lightning Round

Jim’s charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs and NYSE Euronext.

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