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Dear Jim: You mentioned yesterday that you found airline leasing amidst the bulk of American International Group’s conference call. In like fashion, I found, in an article (5/23/07 Wall Street Journal) about Chinese Solar IPOs, that the industry is battling a shortage of polysilicon. Is there a play to be made here? By the way, San Diego is Spanish for...Saint James! --Chuck

Cramer says: “Your stock is MEMC Electronic Materials … the problem is that they missed the quarter.” Cramer recommended it at $63 but now that it’s down to $58 it’s a “no go” for him.


Dear Jim: A few weeks ago, I bought TASER International as a speculative play if Sarkozy won the French election. Now that Sarkozy has won, where do you think would be a good exit point for this stock? –Terry

Mad Mail

Cramer says: “I do stand corrected.” However, he still likes to recommend best-of-breed companies, and that’s still National Oilwell Varco.

Jim's charitable trust owns AIG.

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