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See What People Are Saying - Thursday May 24th


A very quick thank you for all that you... have taught me and I'm sure thousands of others about the world of stocks and how to visualize the world economy. I for one barely could define commodities 6 months ago, and now own some oils (CVX, RIG, VLO), uranium (USU) and of course corn from two great stocks (PDA and SDA) that I put together by myself from things you mentioned about Brazil....

-- Alan

Alan, we're so glad you enjoy the show. Your enthusiasm makes it all worth while.

-- Lee Brodie

I just wanted you to tell my husband Gary Williams whom is in the Navy in Manhattan today...please tell him happy was on the 2nd..Thanks and the his wife loves him very much.

-- Gary W.'s wife

"Fast Money" was honored to have members of the US Navy visit us at our NASDAQ studio in Times Square on Wednesday - as part of New York City's Fleet Week celebration. Three cheers for The USS WASP and all our men and women in uniform!  And Happy Birthday Gary Williams.

-- Lee Brodie

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