Mad Money

It's Time for the Lightning Round!


Jim took a call from Maj. Randy Kastberg of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division, better known as the Red Bulls. Dialing in all the way from Iraq, Maj. Kastberg wanted to thank Cramer for his work, show Cramerica a photo of his unit posing with their Mad Money bull toys, and ask him about Harley-Davidson.

“I can’t, in good conscience, tell you to buy Harley-Davidson,” Cramer said. “It’s too risky. I think it’s got six down and four up. That is not compelling. I am going to give it a don’t buy.”

Lightning Round

Novastar Financial : Cramer says this is a speculative call option stock. It could jump six points, or it could sink to zero. But in honor of speculation Friday, he’s blessing the stock – but the final call is yours in the end.

Marriott Int’l. : “I think this is the level where you want to pull the trigger. I think that Marriott is too darn cheap.”

Qwest Communications : Cramer says the stock is resting after a good run, but it still most likely has another two points of upside in it.

DryShips :General Maritime is a better way to play this industry. Cramer wouldn’t recommend buying DRYS.

Nastech Pharmaceuticals : This company has enough going for it, maybe even a good relationship with Pfizer , Cramer thinks, that could propel the stock to $15. Again, it’s spec Friday, so he’s bullish. “I want you in Nastech.”

Mosaic : “At these prices, I am not going to get behind Mosaic. It’s had too big a run.” Cramer thinks Monsanto and Deere are better plays.

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