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Million Dollar Challenge: Who Will Win Contest?


Will it be Nancy, or Serge or Steven--or maybe someone else winning a $1,000,000? The Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge is winding down today. Trading stops at the closing bell, so what happens will depend on who picked the best stock or stocks--as very little money separates the top three contenders. But as we said, there could be someone back in the pack, that's picked the best stock to leapfrog over the big three. Twenty people are trying to win the million dollars!!

Once The CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge is over, the results from the 20 finalists and the Second Chance Showdown will be reviewed. Once we have received the necessary paperwork from the winner of both contests, he or she will be announced. Thank you once again to everyone who participated in the Challenge. We hope you enjoyed it.

Check out our slideshow of contest finalists.

Here's a look at the top three portfolio values and what they hold:
#1 Nancy Beaumont: $1,592,154.01 up $130,285.05 +8.91% Thursday.
Sold 37,764 shares of Gymboree up 8.91% Thursday for a gain of $130K.
Sold 1 share of Aegean Marine Petro Network.
Bought 64,642 shares of Verigy Limited, this trade will make or break Nancy - it was up over 10% in extended hours.
Bought 1 share of Gap Inc.
Bought 2 shares of Revlon.

#2 Serge Amelyan: $1,569,098.63 up $128,398.38 +8.91% Thursday.
Sold 37,217 shares of Gymboree Inc. up 8.91% for a gain of $128K.
Almost all-in on Red Robin Gourmet Burgers.
Serge also holds 11 shares of Vonage Holdings.

#3 Steven Lee: $1,513,425.07 up $123,844.14 +8.91% Thursday.
Sold 35,897 Shares of Gymboree Inc. up 8.91% for a gain of $123K.
Sold 1 share of Neurochem.
Almost all-in on Verigy Limited.
Bought 1 share of Revlon.
Bought 2 shares of Macronix International.

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