Dole, Daschle Say Biofuels Can Replace Farm Subsidies

Former U.S. senators Bob Dole and Thomas Daschle recently issued a report, "New Markets for American Agriculture," which is meant to direct farmers toward more biofuels and help them obtain income directly from the marketplace -- rather than through government subsidies.

On "Morning Call," Dole said that not only will the suggested program give farmers more opportunities with varied biofuels beyond corn-based ethanol, it will also save the government money by "eliminating the direct payments in capping how much a single farmer can get in disaster relief or in government payment to $250,000."

Daschle -- the once-vocal Democrat who co-founded the Bipartisan Policy Center with Dole, an ex-GOP presidential candidate -- said that they have reduced subsidies to farmers by $23 billion over the last six years. And, Daschle added, they are just getting started.