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Dear Jim: B-B-B-Booyah! I am a longtime follower of Mad Money and really enjoy the books. Thank you for all your guidance and wisdom. My question is about King HAL. You continue to be surprised the stock has not performed better than it has, given all the recent events by the company, yet you continue to endorse your "buy" rating…Your genius is unequalled let alone unparalleled, there is no doubt; however, I can't help but wonder if there is possibly a reason the performance hasn't lived up to your conviction. --Mike

Cramer says: “It’s levered to natural gas, which I believe has bottomed, but people are still suspicious of. And it’s levered to domestic drilling, which has actually decreased. Although the most recent Baker Hughes numbers show that there’s a nice trend going here. To me, Halliburton should be bought. It’s just too darn cheap.” Cramer knows it’s way down from where it was last year, but he likes on a valuation basis.

Dear Jim: Writing an article about you by you must have been maddening. I’ll bet you loved it! Remember what Reggie Jackson said? "The only one I have to impress is me!" You are THE MAN!…I got burned in the meltdown in 2000. I’d been in tech mutual funds and, gripped by fear, never made an exit. It was with great trepidation that I recently decided to invest in individual stocks. You gave me the confidence to do it, and with some success I’m up 14% since August. Thanks for being you, being so entertaining, being a teacher extraordinaire and being a mensch. --Phil

Cramer says: “Just so you know, eight drafts. And it’s really about, just so we’re really clear, it’s about how I’m self-loathing and completely insecure. There it is.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Halliburton.

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