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See What People Are Saying On June 1st


I watch CNBC regularly including your program, Fast Money. I rely on getting good information through your show and was very disappointed a few weeks ago when your show was discussing AAPL, a week before their earnings report. Your guests were putting AAPL down... and they recommended to sell the stock.
-- Mohsen S.

Hi Mohsen -

I don't remember this conversation exactly, but I can tell you that sometimes when the traders recommend selling a stock - they're talking about the move as a short-term trade. In other words, the traders can be very bullish on a stock long term, but if they anticipate a dip, they might recommend selling with the understanding that investors should buy the stock back later.

Also, click here to read the latest post involving Apple. If nothing more, you can see where the traders stand as of May 31st.
-- Lee Brodie


Off your recommendation I bought the Oil Service Holders Trust "OIH" at $133+/- a couple of months ago... needless to say "Thank You" as it is now around $168 - $170.
-- Jake C. from Washington

Thanks for writing Jake. That's the kind of note we always love to receive!
-- Lee Brodie

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