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Apple's iPhone Launches June 29


Apple has confirmed to CNBC's Jim Goldman that its highly anticipated iPhone will be available June 29. 

The combination cell phone, media player and wireless Web-surfing device will retail for $499 and $599, depending on configuration. It will be offered exclusively by AT&T's wireless division, formerly known as Cingular. 

Apple iPhone

The iPhone, which sports no keypad but instead a touch-sensitive screen, was unveiled with great fanfare in early January by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. He said it would appear in stores in June but gave no specific date. 

Sunday night's ads showed off several of the gadget's features and ended with the pronouncement that the phone will be available "Only on the new AT&T" and "Coming June 29." One aired on the CW network before a 7 p.m. broadcast of "7th Heaven."

In recent months, the company's stock has been served by speculation and excitement over the iPhone. The maker of Mac personal computers and iPod digital media players had previously said only that its new cellular telephone would debut in late June.

Apple shares rose 7% last week and has nearly doubled over the past year.