Gaming, Telecom, and Internet Are Best Bets: Portfolio Manager


The best trades right now seem to be in the gaming, telecommunications, and internet services industries, according to Alexander Motola, Portfolio Manager at Thornburg Core Growth Fund.

He likes Las Vegas Sands, Amdocsand Google in particular.

"Most people don't realize that the market in Macao for gambling is bigger than Vegas already, and they haven't even built the equivalent of a Las Vegas strip yet," Motola said of Las Vegas Sands , which operates the lucrative Sands Macao casino resort in China.

Your Best Trades Now

As for Amdocs , a leader in billing for phone companies, Motola thinks the stock is cheap and will generate a lot of cash.

"I would say it is a pretty compelling opportunity to buy a market-leading stock," he said.

Finally, he likes Google because it "continues to be the benchmark which everyone can't quite measure up to."