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Emerging Markets Analyst Offers Some Stock Picks

To be a successful investor in foreign markets, you have to know the territory.

Riedel Research Group Emerging Markets analyst David Riedel said he employs 31 analysts, whom he dubs "locals," in 15 countries. 

Riedel likes Tata Motors, India's largest passenger automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturing company.

As for Europe, he likes Central European Media Enterprises, which specializes in broadcast operations in Central and Eastern Europe. "The demographics there and consumer drive there is huge," he added.

Though Anheuser-Busch may be one popular American beverage provider, Riedel has his bets on AmBev , a supplier of beer across Latin America and Canada.

Finally, Riedel likes Focus Media, an advertising company in China that dominates out-of-home advertising and just bought the biggest ad agency in that country.